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• 100% Natural Wicks
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• 100% Lead-Free Cotton Wicks
• Clear and Colored Containers
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So what is the identity of these soy candles? Could it possibly be ...

Beanswax Candles

Do you know who makes the healthiest candles or even the best soy candle? Is it possible to ascertain which soybean candles are the best, or if soybean is even the healthiest type of candle? Like similar questions about most other kinds of products, being able to determine what is best implies a means of assessment. For example, assessing the best candles could entail:

Some people may consider a candle's health factors of greater importance than a candle's appearance. In some occasions a candle's aesthetic appeal may be more important than a candle's cost. Thus, determining the best soybean candle necessarily requires knowledge of the associated priorities, and knowledge of the various characteristics of candles themselves.

Suppose; for example, that you do indeed want a soy-based candle for health and ecological reasons. There are; incidentally, other options such as beeswax and olive oil based candles that offer similar advantages in these respects. Other options notwithstanding, your soy candle purchasing decision will likely conclude with a brief search for the best bargain. Smart buyers do; of course, seek the best return for their investments.

In the bargain-hunting process you could assume that all identically shaped soy-based candles will be consumed ounce-for-ounce at the same rate. In other words, you could assume that an ounce of brand "A" and an ounce of brand "B" will each yield the same burn time. After all, every brand's chemistry is the same - right?

The fact is, there are different candle chemistries among the many brands of soy candles. Further, the relevant candle chemistry entails more than just the wax. So - all other things being the same (e.g., candle geometry, candle container type, draft conditions, etc.) - can a candle's chemistry cause a given number of "ounces" (as used in the associated product descriptions) to burn longer in some brands than in others? The answer; as is evidenced in real tests, is yes.

Suppose instead, that you desire the prettiest soy candle. Without first investigating the various brands, one might suspect that all soy candle manufacturers offer similar candle geometries and container options.

The fact is, some candle manufacturers offer a substantially more diverse scope of candle geometries and container options than can be found from other manufacturers. Pretty container shapes and colors, and materials other than glass are available from some sources.

Save this BeanswaxCandles.com website in your "favorites" list. There is so much more to come. Oh, that candle referenced above as these soy candles — it is not the Beanswax Candles brand. The Yankee Candle company ceased making Beanswax Candles years ago. It's 2014 now and something healthy is about to happen in the candle market. Bookmark this site and come again — there will be more to learn soon.